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Gluten Free Bratwurst

Our gluten free Bratwurst is an all-meat sausage made without adding any cereal. It is 96% prime, fresh Irish pork mixed with our own blend of spices including mace, nutmeg, celery, coriander and black and white pepper.

These sausages are filled into natural lamb casings and are packed without any preserving gasses.

As these sausages are all meat they have a slightly drier texture than the Original Irish and are also slightly more peppery.

As well as being Gluten Free they are also a Bratwurst which is one of the products covered by the ancient German Food Purity Laws of 1432 that forbade the addition of any cereal or fillers to a sausage that bore the Bratwurst name. We have been told by many Germans that we make sehr gut Bratwurst!

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