Black Pudding Gold in France

Black Pudding Macarons
Our fresh blood black pudding is one of our best kept secrets as we only make very small quantities of it so it doesn’t go very far.

In March of this year we travelled to Mortagne-au-Perche with our entry in the World Black Pudding Championships to see if we could improve on the silver we won last year and the bronze the year before.

Black Pudding - Gold Winner


Créatif Class
Gold Medal


This year we decided to enter the elusive Créatif Class and came up with the idea of making macarons with the blood mixture (it’s a bit like a batter in the raw!) Once cooked we filled them with a variety of fillings ranging from beetroot with horseradish, Cashel Blue and pear to Choc O’Neill’s ganache.

While dropping off our entry we bumped into Charles Campion of the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme who recorded our entry winning gold.  The programme makes great listening for anyone interested in Black Pudding and can be listened to here or on the player below.